Your Brain and Singing: Why Singing in a Choir Makes You Happier

Author: Jaime Babbitt Background photo created by freepik – Any of us who have sung in choirs know all too well the joy it brings not just the audiences, but also the choir members themselves. And why wouldn’t it? When we raise our voices with lots of other gorgeous voices in a big, beautiful […]

Why Song And Dance Are Essential For Children’s Development

Iiona Virgin Photo Author: Lin Marsh How do children benefit from music and dance? Lin Marsh, a singing leader with the British Council’s World Voice programme, explains. Many people today are better equipped than ever before to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties. We live longer, enjoy more leisure time, and have access to the world’s knowledge at the touch of a button. […]

Bach Created Music To God’s Glory

Article By: KEN CURTIS, PH.D. One of the greatest gifts we can give, or receive, is the gift of joy. You will have to look hard to find any who have ever given more joy to the world than German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Even now almost 250 years after he died, Bach’s music still […]

Stop Obsessing Over Talent — Everyone Can Sing

Author:  Steven M. Demorest A Hungarian film titled “Sing” won last year’s Oscar for best short film. “Sing” tells the story of young Zsófi, who joins a renowned children’s choir at her elementary school where “everyone is welcome.” Soon after joining, Zsófi is told by her teacher Erika not to sing, but only mouth the words. […]

10 Habits For Good Choir Members

Photo: Louis Mak Article By Dr. Byron Foxx I love and admire God’s choir directors! After serving in church music ministries for over thirty years, I like to find ways to be helpful to these music leaders. So here are some ideas that choir directors may wish to print, post, or distribute to their choir members. […]

3 Hymn Stories to Lift Your Spirits

Kyler Nixon Photo By Robert J. Morgan When low of spirits, I find “hymn therapy” a great way of treating what ails me. Humming, singing, or listening to one of a great Christian hymn massages the mind with God-prescribed salve. This isn’t just a psychological lift; it’s a biblical practice for nurturing the soul, as […]

10 Benefits of Children Learning a Musical Instrument

Thomas Kelley Photo By Erika Montgomery | August 25, 2016 “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel   One of the foundations to music therapy is instruments. They allow for children and teens […]

The Surprising Ways Choir Singing Boosts Your Health

David Beale Photo It’s a way to improve memory, reduce stress and make breathing easier. Deborah Quilter  Next Avenue Last April, when Leon Palad was approached to be choir director for Community of Voices (a group of inexperienced singers assembled for a study of the benefits of singing among older adults), he was a little […]


On any given day, in towns both large and small, choruses across the country present hundreds of beautiful concerts. While audiences and choral singers alike have long understood the intrinsic value of choral music, the 2009 Chorus Impact Study commissioned by Chorus America also show us that choral participation cultivates positive attributes in singers, which […]

Musical Training Optimizes Brain Function

Author: Christopher Bergland, from Psychology Today Musical training before age 7 can benefit brain function for a lifespan. Neuroscientists are discovering multiple ways that musical training improves the function and connectivity of different brain regions. Musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates a […]

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